You woke up with a strange feeling in your body, you decided who is the person with whom you want to share each of the adventures of your life. The security and firmness of your decision scares you, but you know what you want. The only thing you need is to express your plans and ask ... Do you want to marry me?

If you read the previous paragraph and you felt identified, take a break to whatever you are doing and make yourself comfortable, because we are going to recommend a series of perfect places to ask that special and important question without having to leave Querétaro.

Are you ready? Make sure you read carefully, go imagining each description and decide how and where is the ideal place to take this big step.

Mateo Boutique House
A weekend in Peña de Bernal is always interesting and special, so giving one of the most important steps of your life in this Magic Town is an excellent option.
Visit with your partner Casa Mateo Boutique on 5 de Mayo street, corner of Colon.
Plan a romantic dinner in his restaurant "La Terraza" overlooking the Peña, enjoy all the services that this hotel has and spend one of the best weekends of his life.

Puerta del Lob
The wine can not be missing in such an important moment like this, that is why we consider that asking for marriage here is an excellent option.
The world of vine and wine can be felt in every corner of this incredible place, located at km 4 of the road La Griega - El Lobo in the municipality of El Marqués, 30 minutes from the city of Querétaro.
It has one of the most valuable views of our state, as it is surrounded by vineyards. A sunset in the country environment of Puerta del Lobo will make the perfect atmosphere for you and your partner.

Tequisquiapan Balloon flight
Do you like heights? Imagine asking the question of your life, in the sky.
Take the magic of ballooning, adrenaline and romanticism to ask for marriage to the fullest. Also, after I tell you yes and come down from the clouds, you can celebrate by touring the center of our incredible magical town. It sounds good, right?

Doña Urraca Cava
If you love old style, visit the Caña Doña Urraca in the street May 5 of the Historic Center of our state. Inside a beautiful house with a stunning architectural beauty, built in the eighteenth century, you will find a collection of wines and a romantic and exclusive atmosphere. In addition, an exquisite five-course menu with dishes of Mexican haute cuisine, will provide the perfect atmosphere to ask for a marriage.

Let's do it
Now that you have finished reading our recommendations, it is time for you to get down to work. Decide which of these places suits you best to enjoy your moment and change for the rest of your lives for good.

Good luck!

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