Art and culture are an important part of our lives. Every time we experience an adventure that has something to do with it, it transmits us the essence of past generations that lived and will live eternally thanks to their works and stories. Fortunately, our Historic Center has witnessed a large list of artistic and cultural events that have left their mark on the development of Querétaro as a city. Thus, they have given meaning to the existence of mansions, monuments and squares, giving them reasons not to stop telling countless stories that come to life in museums and galleries which open their doors and guide the cultural and artistic knowledge of new generations.

There is nothing that fills us with more pride than to see how our Queretaro is visited by people just as passionate as us, who wants to know every story that houses the city. Which is why, we decided to take a cultural tour that will take us to know the different stories and messages of our Historical Center, to later share them, as it has happened throughout the years.

Here begins our tour:

Plaza de Armas

In the distance, we hear the fall of water from the fountain where the statue of one of the most emblematic figures in our state, Juan Antonio de Urrutia and Arana, better known with the Marquis of the Villa del Villar del Águila who, lost in love with Sor Marcela, he built the aqueduct to transport water to the convent where she lived.

We can also appreciate the house of the Corregidora, which was also Royal House and prison, and now serves as Government Palace. A must stop for all those who want to delve into the history and the mysteries it houses.

Galería Libertad

We continue our journey. Almost entering the walkway 16 de Septiembre, are the open doors of the Galería Libertad, founded in 1897 as a meeting place between politics and culture.

The Galería Libertad is a protagonist in the development of the cultural and artistic life of the city and has received works of artists such as Chucho Reyes, José Luis Cuevas and Julio Castillohan, making it a benchmark in the state and in the country.

Museo Regional

We are already in the Ex convent of San Francisco now Regional Museum, which has different rooms that transport us to different moments of our history such as:

Prehispanic Querétaro, The Indian Peoples of Querétaro; Querétaro in New Spain; Independence; Querétaro: Sovereign State; Triumph of the Republic; and Querétaro: 19th century. Porfiriato and Revolution.

In addition, it also has rooms with temporary exhibitions; what turns this visit into an incredible and illustrative journey through time.

Are you still with us?


Art Museum

We walk towards Allende street, and almost when we reach the corner with Pino Suárez street we stop because we cannot miss the amazing and perfect baroque architecture style of the Art Museum, which houses the Ex convent of San Agustín.

We go to the courtyard adorned in the center with a fountain and four arcades of two levels decorated with multiple figures carved in quarry. In addition, the Mannerist, Baroque, Neoclassical and Modern works, coming from the Academy of San Carlos and other donations from Mexican artists make us feel part of one of the most important historical heritages of the state.

Are you ready for our last stop?

City Museum

Our tour ends at the Ex convent of the Capuchins, which has been the site of film cycles, plays, photography exhibitions, installations or dance shows, and which constantly receives young artists and gives them the opportunity to show their work.

This museum has a children's library that has a program of events for the whole family, with ludic presentations that aim to promote art and literature.

Undoubtedly, our last stop not only leaves us with the desire to continue entering the world of culture and the arts but also to share it with more people.

Here ends our cultural route. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Do not forget that it is up to us to make known the cultural and artistic wonders that exist in our state. Share them!

Historical and cultural sites in the center of Queretaro

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