How to forget the time they named Tequisquiapan Magic Town. That day, Querétaro was filled with admiration and joy with the title of its town of paved streets, squares and flowers, warm climate and author of the existence of one of the most important celebrations of the state: the Cheese and Wine Fair. The emotion that was breathed in the atmosphere of that day, set the precedent of a new stage for Tequisquiapan and Querétaro, which deserves to be remembered.

Five years after this important event, Tequisquiapan celebrated its anniversary last October 13, 14 and 15, with a gastronomic, cultural and folkloric festival where wine houses, cheese factories and craftsmen gathered to showcase their local products. There were also musicians and whole families, who enjoyed the celebration as much as the memory of being part of the Magic Town number 61 of Mexico.

Now, we look forward to the next celebration of "Tequis" (As we call it with affection) and to be able to continue to witness the fulfillment of more years of this magical place. For now, in what arrives 2018, we will continue visiting it to enjoy the Route of the Cheese and the Wine, the park La Pila and its friendly people.

tequisquiapan magic village celebrates five years of magic town