Cerámica Servín is an establishment where different processes for the elaboration of ceramics baked at high temperatures are shown. Made with fine materials and hand painted with very exquisite details. The production cycle is very meticulous and as a result gives a product of very high quality and great perfection.

The delicacy of these pieces has made Cerámica Servin one of the best producers of ceramic pieces nationwide, being requested by various parts of the country.

The pieces of ceramics are made by dedicated people and handed over to craft work. Each piece is done in detail, so it may take many days to get a job done.

The pieces are baked at a temperature of 1260 ° C and do not contain elements that are toxic to health, the decoration is made with mineral pigments and oxides.

We invite you to visit this place to learn about the process of making ceramic pieces and also to buy a souvenir in the workshop shop.

Calle La Cruz 26, Bo. Sta. María, Villa Progreso , Villa Progreso, Querétaro
Telephone: (441) 277 1866.

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