In order to live this experience, you must know that in "Vuela en Globo", they have flights every day, in the morning, previous reservation and while the weather permits with a minimum of two passengers. They have 26 balloons, with capacity of up to 140 passengers at the same time. This in 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 passengers' baskets. Pregnant women or people with spinal problems ar forbidden to flight, as well as children under 4.

The packages they handle are as follows:

Vuela en Globo in Tequisquiapan
Adult $1,999.00 pesos
Children (4 to 9 years) $1,650.00 pesos

Vuela en Globo Exclusive in Tequisquiapan
For 2 people $ 6,820.00 pesos

It includes:
- 1 hour flight in shared queue
- Breakfast
- Flight certificate
- Toast
- Transfer Hotel-Globo-Hotel (Meeting in the downtown area)
- Insurance

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flight in hot air balloon tequisquiapan