The city of Querétaro is recognized for the importance of its historical past and the colonial and viceregal architectural beauty visible between the streets of the Historic Center, an aura that has also allowed the development of a cultural life that goes hand in hand with the undeniable development economic and social that has transformed it into one of the best places to live and visit in the center of the country.

Currently, the capital of Queretaro has more than 15 excellent museums and galleries that have given space to both renowned visual artists and proposals from emerging artists, where visitors can enjoy exhibitions to suit all tastes. That is why we gave ourselves the task of recommending 7 must-see museums so that this month you can enjoy the culture that this beautiful city has.


ART MUSEUM OF QUERETARO. Located in the majestic ex-convent of San Agustín, this cultural venue, in addition to first-rate temporary exhibitions and permanent art galleries that span from the 17th to the 19th centuries, the extraordinary Baroque architecture of its central courtyard is a must for any tourist and culture lover. Upon entering you will realize why some consider it one of the most beautiful places in all of Latin America, and others one of the instagrammable places in the Historic Center of Querétaro.

CALENDAR MUSEUM. Without a doubt, this is one of the cultural venues that has attracted the most attention in recent years, not only because of its collection dedicated to exploring art of almanacs illustrations in Mexico, but also because it is a very pleasant space to explore, walk on its roof. and contemplate the view of the Historic Center, in addition to having a peaceful cafeteria garden where you can rest, have a sandwich and enjoy the best conversations with your partner or friends. It is located just half a block from Jardín Guerrero.


CANTEMPORARY ART MUSEUM. It is located next to the Temple of the Holy Cross, in what was the First College of Propaganda Fide (evangelization) in Latin America, in the mid-17th century. Today, in addition to its exhibitions dedicated to novel and disruptive works, it is the only place where you can access guided tours, free of charge, from the artists who exhibit their pieces there. If you are passionate about art, you cannot miss it. There are 7 exhibitions available for these dates!

SANTIAGO CARBONELL FOUNDATION MUSEUM. As its name indicates, this site, located on Calle 5 de Mayo, a couple of blocks from the Government Palace, is dedicated to the work of this extraordinary hyper-realistic painter of Catalan origin who worked a large part of his work in the capital. queretana. His work and style are so fascinating that there is no better way to appreciate it than in this place.

MUSEUM OF THE CITY. Finally, this museum is the best known space for emerging art exhibitions. Painting exhibition rooms, a theatrical forum, a room for independent cinema and various workshops for children, are some of the things you can enjoy in this venue, because, in addition, it is located in a part of a large historical property where they have past some scenes of local and national history, such as the former convent of the Capuchinas. Does the legend of love that gave rise to the Queretaro Aqueduct or the death of Maximilian of Habsburg sound familiar to you?

Take a tour of these spaces for culture in the city of Querétaro. Take your time walking through its corridors, observing the details of each work, the architecture of the spaces. Your camera, your Instagram and your memories in the future will thank you.