As travelers we have the responsibility to be aware and friendly with our environment and the impact we leave when visiting it. More than a trend, sustainable alternatives have become a necessity and priority not only for tourism service providers but also for travel lovers.

By applying simple actions we can contribute in a positive way to respect for society, animals and the environment in order to preserve our favorite places.

Here are 10 tips for you to start applying them from your next trip:

1. Avoid disposables

Say no to plastic straws, bring a thermos of water, cutlery set, solid soap and shampoo, solar chargers, cloth bags and menstrual cups.


2. Supports the local economy

Book with local tour operators, buy crafts from the region, respect their prices and consume their products. In this way, we contribute to generating income for businesses in the area.


3. Leave clean

Throw the trash in its place and if there is no trash can carry a reusable bag to store your trash until you find a place to deposit it.


4. Use alternative transportation

Choose to walk, use the bicycle or public transport to see the tourist attractions near you.


5. Do a research about the destination and respect its identity

Before traveling, find out where you will go. Know their customs, traditions and needs in order to have a respectful coexistence.


6. Opt for tourism with a low environmental impact

Choose friendly experiences with the environment with options such as ecotourism, solidarity tourism or rural tourism.


7. Make responsible purchases

Avoid buying souvenirs that are made with materials that damage or alter the natural balance of the planet such as skins of endangered animals, shells, insects, etc.


8. Avoid wasting water

Opt for short showers, turn off the water while brushing your teeth, wear your clothes more than once, use the laundry only when necessary, and use your towels and sheets multiple times.


9. Save energy

Turn off the lights when you are not using them, unplug the appliances that are not in use, use the air conditioning only if necessary.


10. Respect the rules

A fundamental part of sustainable tourism is taking care of the parks and nature reserves, so it is extremely important to read and respect the regulations, walk along the marked routes, not destroy nature, respect the flora and fauna, avoid bonfires, use biodegradable sunscreen and repellants. .


Join these actions and contribute to the conservation of the planet!