Summer always arrives with a more adventurous mood than other vacation times and, for some reason, the Christmas spirit or the religious air that surrounds the December or Easter holidays, in summer they transform into a special mood to enjoy nature in its maximum expression, and you will see that you need to travel to the beach to satisfy this need. There is Querétaro, with its many faces, very close to everything.

Nature? In the Sierra Gorda are the best places to enjoy summer pleasures, the region with the greatest biodiversity and natural attractions that the state of Querétaro has. Its majesty is fully as an ideal destination for these vacations for 3 simple reasons that we give you here.


1. Rivers, waterfalls and more.

During the seasonal season, in the Sierra Gorda queretana the rivers run with greater joy, the waterfalls show spectacular waterfalls, the green color shines wherever you look. The best way to mitigate the heat of the season is to cool off in the cool waters of the Escanela River that crosses Puente de Dios, or in the pools where the current that descends from the El Chuveje Waterfall, in Pinal de Amoles, rests under the shadows. that gives you the intense foliage of the trees. Las Adjuntas, in Arroyo Seco, Cañón del Paraíso, in Peñamiller, or the Jalpan Dam and its water activities, are other places to cool off at ease in the mountains.

In addition, in the many camps and hotels that are located in the lower areas of the Sierra, especially in Jalpan, Peñamiller and part of Pinal de Amoles, where the heat is humid and the subtropical climate, you will find places to rest to enjoy the heat. swimming in its pools and tanning surrounded by mountains and the sound of the birds that inhabit this world north of the state.


2. Forests and cabins.

There are those who prefer the summer to rest, not only from the daily routine, but from the strong heat of this part of the year. For them, nothing better than a trip to the mountains where the heights cool and the forests cover the shade of the trees.

Both San Joaquín and Pinal de Amoles are the favorite places to enjoy a cool climate and the natural attractions found in these high areas of the Sierra Gorda. In the surroundings of these towns there are a large number of rustic-style cabins nestled among the oak forests, from where you can take long walks between trails and organize a visit to sites such as the Cuatro Palos Viewpoint or sighting of fireflies in the communities near the town of Pinal, or to Grutas Los Herrera and Las Maravillas Waterfalls¸ very close to the municipal seat of San Joaquín, one of the six Magic Towns of Querétaro.


3. Adventure

Summer is fun and adrenaline, too, no matter how hot the season is. Do you feel like putting yourself to the test and doing something exciting? You can visit Extreme Bucareli and cross the zip line circuits that go from one hill to another in the territory of Pinal de Amoles; You can have fun as a team with the gotcha of Parque La Escondida, inside the Magical Town of San Joaquín.

Even with the correct agency, you can find jumps from elevated bridges (bungee jumping) or learn to climb vertical slopes and rappel down them, always with the help of experts who will take you step by step in these activities, with the equipment and experience. necessary to feel safe in each of these challenges.


The Sierra Gorda is the greatest natural treasure that Querétaro has and that awaits you so that you live this summer in a different way. Take the opportunity to taste the food and the mountain seasoning in the inns that are located on the roads that cross the Sierra, known as the "Ruta del Sabor" and to take a tour of the Franciscan Missions, World Heritage, with which you can complement a extraordinary trip this vacation.

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