There is no doubt that nature still gives us places to discover. The Sierra Gorda is like that. While we were walking among friends, through the small pools, I sunk in my most comfortable tennis shoes (be prepared), the word "secrets" was engraved with which, without wanting to, we defined the place well in the one we were in: "one of the tourist secrets that Querétaro has".

At first, I regretted going without expectations and not wearing suitable clothes (remember this): there is no way to rid the water, but by dipping your knees, looking around the vegetation, listening to the voices of the birds, from all of us who reserve this talking with our guide and realizing that I had forgotten my work earrings, my clothes were worth a peanut.


We were in Maconí, a small community in the extensive municipality of Cadereyta, located in a part of its territory that already connects with the Sierra Gorda, easily distinguishable by the innumerable curves that you have to navigate to get there and the serrated landscapes that open up to each little while.

Maconí, despite its remoteness, is a small town nestled between the hills that has a long mining tradition and an important passage in the history of Querétaro, as it was here that the Virgin of Dolores del Soriano had its first residence in Queretaro, which today it is in its Basilica located in the municipality of Colón. The data record that the religious image arrived with the Dominicans in 1690, but after the missionaries left the place and the indigenous settlers burned the temple, the legend arises in which this invocation of the virgin is found intact among the rubble and the ruins. A few years later she would leave this community and continue on her way to become the most important religious icon in the state.


And so, without even entering this town and this important curious fact that it hides, suddenly you go to the side of the road and all pavement in search of that "secret" that we had just discovered, and that of course, here I share . Your need for a special natural environment to relax and share on Instagram will be resolved.

The rules are clear. Use of face masks, distance, take care of the environment and, very important, do not enter without a guide, because, as well as the roses and thorns, the crystalline pools in this place can deceive your sight. So do not worry, the guides are people from the community who live with the stream on a daily basis and, without delving into kindness, they take you step by step through this magical place that crosses the Caracol Canyon, for a very cost. accessible.


ATTENTION! This "secret" has been discovered. Book in advance because many people will have already booked their visit ... oh, and ATTENTION! Bring a change of clothes, at least footwear (no flip flops, not barefoot). It is not an obligation, but it is highly recommended. For the record, I warned it here.

When you least expect it you will be, like us on that occasion, feeling every inch of cold water up to your thighs, only to enter this adventure. This pool is the first point where taking your camera is mandatory, before the water becomes cloudy, before you discover that it is just the beginning.

Incredible that in a climate as harsh as Cadereyta, even among the mountains in this part of its territory, there are these green "oases", full of whimsical shapes, abstract roots that rise above the ground, of crystalline springs guarded by the vegetation and the narrow stone walls of the canyon.


Here you can form in your imagination your own medieval Mexican fantasy scene, or find your best poses and camera angles to upload your number of likes on social networks (even your guide can advise you on how to get your best photos ... and he knows what it says. Can you imagine it?), always (or well, almost, almost always) under the shade of the leaves of the trees or the high stone slopes. Maybe it's three kilometers away with perfect weather and a great number of incredible frames for your memories, your photos or your stories. There is no better recommendation than knowing the Caracol Canyon, in Maconí, on your own.


To book your tour, you can contact the accounts of: Turismo Maconí Oficial and Aventuras Maconí, both on Facebook and Instagram. Also do not forget to follow the official accounts of the Secretary of Tourism of the State of Querétaro, Asomarte and Queré for extra information and discover many destinations in this wonderful state.

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