Querétaro is known for its impressive tourist attractions and adventure tourism that we can find in the Sierra Gorda, but it is also one of the favorite states of couples looking for a place to get married. If we talk about characteristics, Querétaro has a privileged location, since it is in the middle of important communication routes such as Mexico City, as well as an intercontinental airport with connections to national and international places. 


Can you imagine a place where culture makes you fall in love and transports you to another era, where its gastronomy makes a delight of flavors in your mouth, where its vineyards and farms make you fall in love at first sight, where its crafts touch your heart with the stories behind each piece, where the towns have magic, a place where the wines make you love this terroir and its landscapes make you skinny ... Querétaro is the place where all roads come together, where love stories they are strengthened, where dreams are fulfilled, where you are inspired, a place that makes you reborn, advance to another level ... a place where experiences have no limit, as well as true love ... without limit.