With the arrival of the Spanish and their incursion into the land in search of new horizons, the conquerors established properties in the countryside to work the land that would eventually become historical legacies of the colonial era due to the impressive constructions that would remain throughout, from time to the present day.


A large part of these haciendas, which are found throughout the national territory, have become great attractions for tourists who like to combine history, luxury, comfort and gastronomy, since they have been restored and adequate to offer lodging service, restaurant and as a space for events, under a pure colonial-style environment, but with the necessary modern details that give a unique touch of elegance.


In Querétaro, there are several farms that, today, are incomparable boutique hotels that invite you to enjoy the wide walls and extensive gardens to offer you an unparalleled walk through the past and good taste.


El Marqués, the route of farms and vineyards.

Among the most beautiful haciendas where you can stay, is Hacienda Atongo, with its 14 spacious rooms. It can accommodate up to 54 people who will enjoy the patios and gardens where you can appreciate the details of a seventeenth century construction, its small aqueduct, and of course, where you can also try its Mexican and gourmet cuisine, as well as stroll through its own vineyards. they produce a rich wine. A complete experience of the Ruta de Haciendas y Viñedos del Marqués.


The municipality of El Marqués, there is also the Ex Hacienda del Molino, known as La Casa del Molino, it has 18 rustic-style rooms, where elegance, gardens and first-rate services will allow you to appreciate, from another angle, the beauty of this 17th century hacienda, which was part of the Hacienda de Chichimequillas, both built by the order of the Discalced Carmelites, whose patron saint was Nuestra Señora del Carmen. The objective of this hacienda was to store metals due to its proximity to the Camino Real de la Plata, in addition to its great agricultural production, which is why the old mill that characterizes it shines.


Of course, also Misión de Chichimequillas, which occupies the center of this great 17th century hacienda, is a place of rest, although its spaces for events are its main characteristic. It will have 15 rooms that join the exquisite restaurant and the incomparable spaces around it, to enjoy a historic weekend.


Recently restored, Ex Hacienda del Lobo opens the doors to accommodate your guests, who will enjoy your event, the spectacular gardens and a hacienda that takes you to a splendid time. It has 40 fully equipped and spacious rooms that combine comfort and modern style. Among its walls are murals with historical motifs and scenes from the daily life of rural Mexico. In this old 17th century hacienda, restored under the supervision of INAH, it faithfully recreates the atmosphere of New Spain.


In the city and its surroundings.

In the state capital, it is also possible to sleep and enjoy these legacies of the past at Hacienda El Salitre, located north of the city, a few minutes from the Historic Center. Preserving the rustic style that characterized it, this property was part of the Hacienda Jurica, one of the largest estates of the 16th century due to the fertility of its lands. Today, Hacienda El Salitre has 20 luxury rooms, a spa service, a restaurant for breakfast and brunch, as well as three large spaces for events. A different option to enjoy all the attractions within the city of Querétaro.


Of course, Hacienda Jurica, one of the oldest, built just a few decades after the founding of the Queretaro capital in the 16th century, today is an excellent option for those looking for a luxurious hotel with all services, including gardens for events, spa and meeting rooms, just a few minutes from the Historic Center of Querétaro.


Also very close to the city, the municipality of Huimilpan offers two, of the more than ten old farms that it has in its territory, to spend a memorable night: Hacienda El Vegil, an exclusive vineyard on the Art, Cheese and Wine Route of Querétaro, and Hacienda Lagunillas, which in addition to its impressive rustic style and comfort, has a very interesting history within its walls.


Unmissibles and other jewelry.

One of these magnificent spaces, for example, is Hacienda Galindo, located in San Juan del Río. Almost a tourist complex, this old property, dating from the 16th century, has more than 150 luxurious rooms, various function rooms, a luxurious canteen, a billiard room, a wine cellar, an exclusive bar in front of the pool, a corridor containing works of art from the 18th and 19th centuries (a real mini museum), a church, spa area, gym and even a small farm where children and animal lovers will have a unique time. Although it is said that this farm was a gift from Hernán Cortés to La Malinche, the truth is that today it is an incomparable place to spend a weekend.


Hacienda Tovares, the oldest and most important in the municipality of Cadereyta de Montes, today one of Queretaro's Magical Towns, is quite an experience. Not only have they restored a very elegant colonial estate, but the Mexican atmosphere and the great equestrian activity add to the immense lake and green areas to offer an experience that mixes Mexican culture with ecotourism, in a very exclusive country setting. It has 3 lodging areas, the boutique area offers all the comforts, maintaining the style of the haciendas in bonanza; the adventure area, with 14 rooms inside a beautiful stone-carved construction in the old fashioned way; and the serenity area, with 2 standard rooms and a beautiful terrace with a privileged view of the Hacienda lake. An unmissable place.


Worth visiting, Ex Hacienda Escolásticas, in the municipality of Pedro Escobedo, has 3 rooms and a suite, overlooking the pool or the mountain; Hacienda La Venta, in San Juan del Río, adapted this 18th century construction to an excellent three-star hotel with an unbeatable location. Like the luxurious and country Hacienda Tres Vidas, a few minutes from Tequisquiapan, these haciendas are a haven to escape from the routine, surrounded by spacious and colonial common areas to give you unparalleled tranquility.


If you are looking for more information about these hotel estates, you can visit the official website of the Querétaro State Secretariat of Tourism www.queretaro.travel or follow the content of their social networks to discover about these and other great attractions in Querétaro.

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