If you have heard about the Querétaro Art, Cheese and Wine Route, you will know that the wine-growing region in this state is one of the most important in the country for its great wine production and especially recognized for its sparkling wines, but also for quality of artisan cheeses that are made in the same region, as an almost natural complement.


In total, there are nine main Queretaro cheese factories that have achieved the necessary prestige to combine the excellent flavors of the different wines of the region, but also offering experiences that go beyond the palate as true tourist sites, where learning and contact with nature are possible.


Thus, a trip through the Querétaro Wine Region implies an obligatory stop at any of the nine cheese factories that are located in different municipalities in the semi-desert area and in the south of the state, which allows you to organize a route to your liking and enjoy the various flavors on every occasion.



The cheese shops.

These passionate dairy producers have made their cheeses their own distinctive hallmark, as each of these cheesemakers have chosen the ideal livestock for their project and thus create a range of flavors based on cow's, goat's or sheep's milk, but all committed in the first place with the care and happiness of their animals to give their cheeses a unique flavor, and that they seek to transmit to all visitors.



Among the cheeses made with sheep's milk, Rancho San Josemaría deserves a special mention, which to date is considered the most awarded artisan cheese factory in Latin America, since the quality of its sheep's cheeses has led them to be awarded six medals (3 of gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze), since 2011, in the largest contest of its kind, the World Cheese Awards.


Located in the municipality of Huimilpan, very close to the capital of Queretaro, this prestigious cheese factory offers tours for various audiences, where visitors, in a family atmosphere, learn about the loving care of their herds, the elaboration of their products and a delicious tasting to attest to its taste and quality.


Also in Huimilpan, Quesos Pradales is also an unmissable cheese factory not only for its extensive areas that allow you to live with the flocks of sheep and enjoy a walk in the open air, but also for the quality of the flavor that the care of their animals generates and that is you can taste it on a pleasant afternoon.


Finally, Rancho Santa Marina, in the municipality of El Marqués, is the other large cheese factory that makes its products with sheep's milk. Its variety of dairy products, ranging from perail or crottin style, to feta and ricot, are of special quality, and their combination with the house wine and tours of its hectares make it an excellent site for tourism, not only gastronomic, but rural and regenerative. This agroecological ranch is part of the so-called Ruta de Haciendas & Viñedos del Marqués.



Goat milk has also been a source of inspiration for three cheese producers in Querétaro, such as La Biquette, La Grande Chévre and La Gastoreña, whose producers have worked with passion and effort, both in the production of cheeses in the style French as in the care of their herds to achieve a quality that is distinguished when tasting them.


La Biquette (“the goat” in French) is a cheese factory located in Tequisquiapan that produces its dairy products in a completely artisanal way, a process that you can observe for yourself and learn from the great effort made by a group of women to compose an exquisite flavor in their fresh, aged or semi-aged cheeses, some of them awarded silver and bronze at the Goat Cheese Awards in 2014 and 2016.

De La Grande Chévre (the great goat) and La Gastoreña, located in the city of Querétaro and in San Juan del Río, respectively, although at the moment they do not have tourist routes, they are notable for the care of their herds, reflected in the great flavor in all its varieties of cheeses.



Derived from cattle /, the cheeses from Flor de Alfalfa, in the municipality of Colón, as well as those from VAI and Néole in Tequisquiapan, not only enjoy great flavor, but are the perfect pretext to enjoy the surroundings, both its spaces like the open landscapes of the semi-desert.


Rancho La Hondonada is the home of Flor de Alfalfa, an ideal place to live with the animals from their farms and learn about the process of making and tasting their cheeses and dishes in a very familiar way. Its 8 varieties of traditional fresh cheeses and 7 varieties of matured cheeses are fully certified by Latte nobile, Metrocert and the Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification, for the excellent quality of their milk and the care of their animals. A guarantee of flavor, health, environmental responsibility and above all of a great afternoon.


For its part, VAI It is formed into a place for family recreation, without leaving the elegance that the bohemian atmosphere demands when combining a good cheese with a good wine. Its tours, cava and walks through its outdoor areas, make it an almost obligatory one if you visit Tequisquiapan, but if what you are looking for is a cooler environment, specially designed to enjoy the landscapes, Cava Bocanegra is the ideal place, an authentic tourist complex that combines modern design with the tradition of artisan cheese, offering a space to pair with craft beers and wines.


This is just a small view of what you can find on the Querétaro Art, Cheese and Wine Route, an unmissable region full of flavors and unparalleled tourist attractions in this beautiful state of the republic, where cheeses are born and mature to shape it. to the sensations of the palate, and even more, combined with the Queretan wine. For more information, you can visit the official website of the Querétaro State Secretariat of Tourism www.queretaro.travel as well as all its social networks to discover more about the fascinating world of Queretaro wine tourism. You can now share your experiences with us.

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