Cadereyta is recognized for being a place full of traditions, history, and natural attractions that fill us with fascination, and allow us to experience a part of the charm of our beautiful state. If you also want to go inside and know the romantic and elegant of the semi desert of Queretaro, let us introduce you to Viña del Cielo to live in a different way, your events or your lodging.

In 2015, the construction of the building Viña del Cielo by the Martinez brothers begins. A beautiful place where its vineyard and modern facilities stand out, welcoming you to any special occasion. 

The place has a vineyard of 10 hectares and two crystalline lakes, in addition clear, with a splendid hotel boutique of 11 rooms, a pool, restaurant, bar and wine cellar; without mentioning the hall and special garden for events, or the chalets type loft. 

Here your events can be varied, because being in a wine region, Viña del Cielo does not stop participating in the best trends, so they are inclined to the tourism of romance, so you can celebrate your wedding in a big way, organize a hand job, celebrate the bachelorette party of a friend or celebrate the fulfillment of an anniversary, with everything necessary to make that occasion unforgettable.

Without forgetting, of course, that they can also carry out the traditional family events, such as birthdays or social celebrations. And even their facilities are conditioned and they have the best equipment to carry out your business events.

And as a plus to your stay, together with Viña del Cielo you can live incredible experiences such as balloon flights, horseback riding, Jeep or ATV tours, wine tasting and other activities that take place in the same facilities or in the Magic Village of Cadereyta.

Santa Barbara Km 1.6
Cadereyta de Montes, Qro.
FB: Viña del Cielo
IG: @vinadelcielo
T. 441 115 7762