With the new normality, it is increasingly important to plan our trips and choose our next destinations carefully. It is advisable, after this time of pandemic, to create again a contact with the natural, and to maintain distance with the bustle of the city.

That is why we present you Jardón Outfitters, a travel agency dedicated to camping, and which throughout its history has offered its services both nationally and internationally. They are the perfect option to enjoy your vacation or rest in a rural environment, walking trails and trying new things, always with the highest possible health, seeking your welfare.

The experiences they offer revolve around nature camps, caring for the environment and supporting local economies, which gives you the certainty that by traveling with them you are contributing in a positive way to the environment where all the activities take place.

Their destinations include high, forested areas of the Sierra Gorda, where you can go hiking and even rock climbing. But they also have trips to lesser known areas, for example, to the Zamorano hill in Colon, to the Paradise Canyon in Peñamiller or to some rural community in San Joaquin.

They also have trips to the great summits of Mexico, which become of special interest to those who seek greater challenges.

In addition to visiting places with abundant natural resources, part of the attraction of this agency is creating themed trips, such as those focused on learning nature photography or practicing yoga in peaceful spaces.

To book with Jardón Outfitters it is not necessary to have equipment or experience, as they provide everything so that your only work is to have fun and enjoy yourself. So don't think twice, and plan your next adventure trip with them.


Querétaro, Qro.

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T. 442 359 3916

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