As part of the Caminos de Querétaro proposal, the GastroFest gastronomic festival is positioned in a new and interesting way to enhance and promote Queretaro cuisine, its cheeses and wines.


From October 24 to June 26, 2021, every fortnight, a vineyard, restaurant, cheese shop or farm on the Route of Art, Cheese and Wine, will become host and delight diners with an exquisite culinary variety and tastings of the best wines, through experiences such as tastings, pairings, workshops, shows and other dynamics.


This 2021, Gastrofest Caminos de Querétaro continues its unbeatable program of gastronomic experiences to take you through exclusive restaurants, vineyards and cheese shops, tasting the exquisite flavors of the Querétaro Art, Cheese and Wine Route.


If you did not know Gastrofest, it is worth remembering that this project is an effort of the Secretary of Tourism of the State of Querétaro, in conjunction with the National Chamber of the Restaurant Industry (CANIRAC), the Queretanos Wine Growers Association (AVQ) and the Association Producers of Queretanos de Queso, to promote both the innovative gastronomic proposals of haute cuisine and the excellent wines and gourmet cheeses produced in the state, as a sample of the essence and tourist potential of the Querétaro wine region.


Last year, after the cycle began, at the end of October last year in Viña del Cielo, in the Magical Town of Cadereyta, this great tourist initiative has taken us to other spectacular spaces such as Viñedos Donato, Viñedos Azteca, Hacienda Atongo , and Cava Bocanegra, offering a variety of styles, spaces and flavors to achieve different experiences with a unique touch.


This year, Gastrofest started on the right foot, with two exclusive places in the state capital, Restaurante La República and Hacienda La Laborcilla, spaces of incomparable elegance, for the first gastronomic experiences of the Caminos de Querétaro, and from there, we return to the Art, Cheese and Wine Route.


NOTE: Due to the pandemic and the changes in the measures in the state according to the circumstances, the following dates could be modified and the event could be held one day before.





D E    C O T E

Elegance and flavor like their wines. DATE: April 16

ADDRESS: Libramiento Norponiente 5 + 900, Tunas Blancas, Ezequiel Montes, Qro.

TEL: 441 277 5000


P U E R T A    D E    L O B O

A wine tourism complex in the impressive Valle del Marqués. DATE: April 30

ADDRESS: Carretera La Griega - El Lobo km. 4, The Marquis, Qro.

TEL: 442 245 0941



An ideal complex for entertainment, good wine and craft beer for all ages. DATE: May 14

ADDRESS: Camino a las Adelitas Km 8, CP 76695, Ezequiel Montes, Qro.

TEL: 55 4893 3560


S A N    J U A N I T O

Home of one of the most awarded wines in the Querétaro Wine Region. DATE: May 28

ADDRESS: Old road to San Juan # 357 San José de la Laja, Tequisquiapan, Qro.

TEL: 55 5004 7300


¡ A Y    L O L A!

Discover a different restaurant spanish flavors in the north of Queretaro city. DATE: 11 de junio

DIRECCIÓN: Carretera Querétaro - San Luis Potosí 10617, Jurica, 76127 El Salitre, Qro..

TEL: 442 196 23 64



Get to know one of the most visited vineyards in Querétaro and its impressive 25 meter deep cellar. DATE: June 25

ADDRESS: Carretera San Juan del Río - Cadereyta Km. 40.5, Ezequiel Montes, Qro.

TEL: 441 277 0147



F L O R    D E    A L F A L F A

Discover a beautiful ranch ideal for rural tourism, for children and taste the excellent cow cheeses they produce. DATE: July 9

ADDRESS: Carretera Ajuchitlán - Colón Km 9.3, Colón, Qro.

TEL: 419 292 0214


H A C I E N D A    T O V A R E S

Vive los maridajes especiales en esta antigua y exclusiva hacienda colonial en el municipio de Cadereyta de Montes. DATE: July 23

DIRECCIÓN: Rivapalacios s/n, Pueblo Nuevo, Cadereyta, México

TEL:  442 109 1218


C A V A    5 7

No te pierdas esta edición desde un viñedo accesible muy cerca de la Carretera México-Querétaro en San Juan del Río. DATE: August 6

DIRECCIÓN: Autopista México - Querétaro, Km 173.6, San Juan del Río, México

TEL: 442 161 2757



Regresando a la ciudad de Querétaro, este fino restaurante sonorense te deleitará con los maridajes de vinos queretanos.

FECHA:  20 agosto

DIRECCIÓN: Blvd. Bernardo Quintana #5260 Loc. 1 D, Querétaro, México

TEL: 442 295 0753


R A N C H O     S A N T A   M A R I N A

Esta edición se engalana desdfe una de las queserías imperdibles de la Ruta Arte, Queso y Vino de Querétaro.

FECHA:    3 septiembre

DIRECCIÓN:  Calle Atongo km 3.8, El Marqués, Querétaro

TEL:  55 3200 7491


V I Ñ E D O S    D E L    M A R Q U É S

Adéntrate en los sabores de los mejores sabores de Vinos del Marqués y la propuesta gastronómica para combinarlos en el paladar.

FECHA:  17 septiembre

DIRECCIÓN: Carretera a Atongo Km 4.5, Amazcala, El Marqués, Querétaro.

TEL: 442 581 2156


Do not forget that the GASTROFEST experiences are designed to be lived in person and to be enjoyed online through the purchase of a package of Queretaro wines and cheeses, which are specially selected to experience the flavor of Querétaro at home.


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