The long-awaited number of the year arrived this December, 200, because reaching this number means reaching a joint achievement, which is celebrated with you and thousands of people looking for new experiences in the state. 200 editions is something easy to say, but after years of passion, effort, innovation, and above all love for Queretaro, this number means something more that fills with pride the team behind it. 

Asomarte Magazine is an editorial achievement that has grown thanks to the collective culture of Queretaro's society that seeks to know its state better, find new places, rediscover emblematic sites, enjoy cultural activities and artistic proposals month after month, which, it is never forgotten, has been possible thanks to the thousands of readers that have accompanied the magazine during all this time.

Asomarte magazine was born as a project called Tesoro Turístico in the months of October and November 1997, with the intention of documenting monthly the evolution of the tourist and cultural destinations and products of the state, in which, the Secretary of Tourism and Culture of the State participated. The first copy, the 00 (zero, zero) was printed in December of that year, was the proof to formally start in January 98 with the 01 edition. Later, the Tesoro Turístico had the most notorious change, its name, and it was in March 2004 when the 01 edition of the Asomarte magazine was published, with a more traveling personality, since the Secretary of Culture had issued its own publication.

To commemorate this great achievement, in the magazine of the month, you will find 200 recommendations that were made along with the Asomarte community that follows them in their social networks. In addition, throughout December, there will be different dynamics by those same means, in which they can win different prizes. We recommend that you keep your Asomarte magazines at hand and keep an eye on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter during the month.

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