San Juan del Río is a municipality recognized for its history and for being a key point for the Camino Real de Tierra Adentro. In the past, it was a place of progress for livestock and agriculture, which led to the use of extensive lands for such work, and consequently the spread of Haciendas. 

In and around the municipality, there were nearly 37 Haciendas and 17 ranches, but over time they began to lose their functionality, change owners, or simply fall into neglect. 

Currently, in San Juan del Río the Haciendas are well preserved and serve as hotel-restaurants or tourist sites, however, they are still important references of the city's heritage, for their architecture, extension and history. 

Hacienda La Llave:
It was owned by Beatriz de Andrada y Cervantes, who founded the majorat of La Llave in 1585. It worked for a while as a Rural Agricultural School, later it was decided to be used by the Mexican National Army. Now, in addition to being a barracks, there are seasons when it is open to the public for visits. 

Hacienda Galindo: 
It was built at the end of the XVI century and had adaptations until the XX century. Its first owner was Alonso Pérez de Bocanegra, although it is also said that Hernán Cortés gave it to La Malinche. 
Today it is a five star hotel, belonging to the Fiesta Americana chain; it has 168 rooms, convention rooms, ample gardens, tennis courts, running track, children's farm and pool. 

Hacienda la Venta:
In 1585, this hacienda belonged to Baltasar de Salazar, and later in 1994, in charge of Consuelo Martinez and with the support of his children, it became a hotel.  It has a neat white façade, beautiful rooms, restaurant, ideal halls for your event, patios and pool.  

Hacienda La Estancia Grande: 
It dates from the second half of the XVII century and it is said that its founder could have been Alonso Perez de Bocanegra. It was flooded by the 1917 Constitution Dam built between 1967 and 1969. 
What was a troje de la Hacienda, a construction dating from the XIX century, today is the Hotel Misión San Gil, with stylized gardens with terraces walking on them, outdoor pool and spacious rooms. 

Hacienda Cazadero: 
Founded in 1794, it was owned by Raymundo de Quintanar. Its facilities include a stingray store, foreman's house, butler's house, main house and stables. It used to be a cattle ranch for fighting bulls, and now it is private property. 

Hacienda de Cerro Gordo: 
It was constructed in the XIX century and has been adapted since the XX century. Part of the property is in good condition; it has a beautiful central patio with a quarry fountain in the middle, and now in the hands of the Municipality, it is adapted as an administrative sub-delegation. 


Hacienda La Llave:

Camino a La Llave s/n,

San Juan del Río, Qro.


Hacienda Galindo:

Amealco-Galindo Highway KM. 5.5,

San Juan del Río, Qro.

T: 427 271 8200



Hacienda La Venta:

Carretera Panamericana Pte. No. 3, Col. La Venta;

San Juan del Río, Qro.

FB: Hacienda La Venta, San Juan

T: 427 268 1300 / 427 272 96 25



Hotel Misión San Gil:

Highway México-Querétaro km 172 La estancia,

San Juan del Río, Qro.

T: 800 900 3800


Hacienda Cazadero:

Known address. Cazadero,

San Juan del Río, Qro.


Hacienda Cerro Gordo:

Known address. Cerro Gordo,

San Juan del Río, Qro.