In Cadereyta, techniques and expressions that give identity to the municipality are preserved, and among them stands out the saddlery as its craft par excellence. This craft is the art of working the leather for the creation of objects like pistol or knife cases, boots, bags or sashes, belts and even more elaborated articles like a saddle. From the creativity of the craftsmen arise unique designs that they totally personalize to give form to your ideas.


Don Gilberto Olvera Montes (1916-2000) was the founder of the saddlery in Cadereyta de Montes since 1933. Thanks to him, little by little the families of the municipality began to take up the saddlery as a trade and to subsist on it. Nowadays, it is the representative craft of the place and about 40 people live from it.


The man who taught him the trade was from Cortazar Guanajuato, thanks to the approach he had with him, and his willingness to learn. Already knowing different techniques and being an expert, Don Gilberto taught more people in his municipality and outside it, with the intention of transmitting his knowledge. 


Today, Don Gilberto's workshop is run by his son Servando Olvera Vega, who explains that the leather they use comes from places like Guanajuato, Oaxaca or the Estado de Mexico. He and the other workers are dedicated to working the pieces, cutting them and giving them a good finish, so that they are straight and beautiful: "as the leather is wet it dries, we iron it, so that it stretches wherever he wants, so that when he cuts it no longer lies".


Due to their excellent work, they have orders from all over the country and even from outside it, they supply to stores that sell leather goods, and they have filled themselves with contacts and friendships thanks to this business.


The workshop is located on Melchor Ocampo street and is open daily from 9:00am to 9:00pm, although on Sundays they usually close earlier. If you are in Cadereyta we invite you to come by the workshop and learn more about this craft.