We know that times are still difficult for humanity due to the pandemic that arrived this year, changing our daily reality, and above all the satisfaction that many of us found when going out and enjoying the atmosphere that was generated in the streets and places on such special dates as it happened just a year ago to celebrate the tradition of the Day of the Dead.

This 2020 we will not be able to walk the decorated walkways that made them look spectacular, take photos with the first quality prop coffins, observe the details of the monumental offering that was installed in the Plaza de Armas, nor the activities, contests and concerts that filled with life at this time where we Mexicans celebrate our deceased ... but that genetic resilience, which also makes us proud in Mexicans, made us open appropriate options to difficult circumstances and create a space to continue with this cultural tradition.

The Secretary of Tourism of the State of Querétaro created a website dedicated to celebrating the Day of the Dead, so that we do not end up with the desire to live this deeply rooted tradition in us.

The platform is incredible. In the first place, you will be able to find a virtual tour of the Historic Center of the city in a digital world that will allow you to interact and imagine how the heart of the capital of Quereta would be adorned, with the possibility of observing the scenarios in which legends will be told , you would listen to concerts and learn about the altars with the elements they contain. But that is not all.

diademuertosqueretaro.com is a place where the social encounter remains, although not in a massive way as everyone wished, but familiar. Here you can learn with your children how to prepare pan de muerto, make up as a catrina, make your own digital altar and even make decorative skins for your home. There are stories for children and pictures that you can color with the little ones to make this a totally familiar experience…. And if you don't have children, share your achievements with your closest friends! We are sure you will have fun.

This is an invitation to live a new experience of tradition, to meet your loved ones who are by your side and those who already await us elsewhere through the technology that marks the new times and the society of the future.

Join us and enter www.diademuertosqueretaro.com There will even be surprises with the dynamics that the Secretariat will carry out through its official social networks. You will not regret!

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