The celebration of the grape harvest in the Querétaro Wine Region usually fills with expectations and options to visit the state during the summer, as the great artistic and musical shows, gastronomic shows, tours of vineyards, tastings and traditional treading of grapes, which are performed along the Art, Cheese and Wine Route, they became a great attraction for tourists in search of flavor and fun.


Although the circumstances derived from the pandemic have limited these activities, the Secretariat of Tourism of the State of Querétaro has exceeded those limits to bring everyone the possibility of a complete experience from the comfort and safety of your home: the Gastrofest, a novel proposal to enjoy the valuable flavors of Querétaro, virtually.


GastroFest intends to be a festival made to measure for you, in which you can enjoy in the same way that you do in person in an event of this nature: you can set aside your place in the location if you want to walk through these wonderful spaces to taste the delicious gastronomic proposals that will be offered, or, visit the place virtually through the live broadcasts that will take place on Facebook Live of @Travel and Food MX; If you like to taste a Tequesquipense red wine, you will not walk or travel to the vineyard, but through a single click. You can taste the flavors in incredible packages prepared by the associations, vineyards and cheese factories of the Ruta Arte, Queso y Vino de Querétaro, with the aim of achieving for you a round experience.                                                             

The Querétaro Wine Growers Association and its associated vineyards, the hotel sector, the restaurant sector, cheese producers, artisans and both traditional cooks and experienced chefs participate in this project, all to offer you a special experience during a weekend, which includes surprises and gifts for you.


As in a traditional vintage, you will have access to musical and artistic shows, tastings with expert sommeliers, pairings by renowned chefs, connoisseurs of Queretaro wines and gastronomy, workshops, and everything you can enjoy, with the same quality, but in this time, virtually.


This gastronomic and oenological festival promises to give you something to your taste and budget, which you can enjoy with your family, friends or as a couple, with the option of purchasing, savoring and enjoying the wines and dishes in your own home.

From October 24, 2020 until June 26, 2021, GastroFest opens the door for you to live this experience every 15 days in various vineyards, farms and cheese factories that are part of the Querétaro Art, Cheese and Wine Route. Next, we present the places from which this great event will be broadcast during 2020.



1. Vine of Heaven. This vineyard, boutique hotel and fabulous space for events, in the Magical Town of Cadereyta, will present an extraordinary pairing of wine, highland menu, Mexican and regional haute cuisine, accompanied by a holistic musical concept.

Date: October 24

Dress code: White

Tel: 441 115 7762

FB: @vinadelcielo

IG: @vinadelcielo



2. Donato. This vineyard of exquisite wines and a restaurant with fine cuts will be the venue for the second culinary experience of the Gastrofest.

Date: November 7

Tel: 442 161 0082

FB: @donatoqro

IG: @donatoqro



3. Viñedos Azteca. One of the most famous vineyards in the municipality of Ezequiel Montes for its Mexican concept, where the third experience that you can attend or enjoy remotely will take place.

Date: November 21

Tel: 441 100 9662

FB: @vinedosazteca

IG: @vinedosazteca



4. Hacienda Atongo. The experiences of this fourth date of the Gastrofest will take place in one of the most beautiful former colonial haciendas of Querétaro, located in the municipality of El Marqués.

Date: December 5

Tel: 442 672 0796

FB: @haciendaatongo

IG: @haciendaatongooficial



5. Cava Bocanegra. This renowned cheese cellar in Tequisquiapan, promises a great youthful and gastronomic atmosphere to close with great success the last date of the Gastrofest in 2020. Without a doubt it will leave you wanting to wait for the new experiences of 2021

Date: December 19

Tel: 414 273 3369

FB: @bocanegracava

IG: @cavabocanegra



It is time to prepare for a different, healthy and safe festival that you can enjoy with your best companies. From now on you can plan, reserve and prepare your palate for any Queretaro gastronomic experience, full of flavors of the highest quality and fun. Set aside your place, or buy the incredible packages that will arrive at the door of your house, with which you can enjoy as if you were there.