In Querétaro there are three drinks that are distinguished as part of the traditional flavors of certain regions of the state: the apple liqueur, the pulque and the wine.


In the mountainous zone of San Joaquin and Pinal de Amoles the introduction of the apple to the region a couple of decades ago, due to its height and climatic conditions, has been fruitful and has made many families and local producers dedicate themselves to the elaboration of handmade liquors of this rich fruit, which is not only delicious, but has gained recognition for its flavor in the whole state and in the palate of Querétaro´s citizens.


Pulque, that divine drink among the pre-Hispanic ancestors, is practically elaborated in the whole state, but it has its main exponents in Cadereyta and Amealco. In Cadereyta, the living face of the semi-desert of Querétaro, specifically in the community of Boyé, pulque is an essential and very typical drink, even the protagonist of a gastronomic fair famous in all Querétaro: The Fair of Pulque and the Barbecue of Boyé, where, it is said, the best barbecue of the region is prepared, and a very tasty pulque, product of the typical dry lands of Cadereyta.




The wine, on the other hand, with more than 4 decades of tradition in the central valley of Querétaro, has been transformed into a traditional and very prestigious drink in Mexico and in the world. Even though Tequisquiapan is the modern antecedent of the vine plantation in Queretaro, currently the vineyards have proliferated in municipalities such as Ezequiel Montes, Colón, Cadereyta, El Marqués and Huimilpan, where diverse viticulture of great quality and passion for what they do has been developed, which has boosted the production of wine until making it a representative drink of the semi-desert area of Queretaro. In fact, the quality of the terroirs and the white sparkling wines produced there have made Querétaro one of the main exporters of this drink at a national level.


When you visit Querétaro, do not hesitate to try any of these drinks. We assure you that all of them have an excellent flavor for a demanding taste.