Querétaro is so multifaceted that not only does it have various attractions and tourist regions throughout its territory, but they all offer something for all tastes and ages: for lovers of adventures, traditions, wine, rural tourism, lovers water, nature, history and art in all its expressions, but also enjoyed as a family, as a couple, with friends, from the smallest to the oldest.

And since Grandparents' Day is about to arrive, we take advantage of this space so that they, the wise hearts of the families, enjoy a Queretaro to their measure.



Your grandparents most likely love a glass of good wine. For this reason, the Wine Region is one of the best places to avoid unnecessary fatigue and at the same time enjoy great landscapes in a comfortable, familiar environment and above all with flavor that leaves a delicious taste in the mouth to celebrate them.

If they have demanding tastes, you can take them to Puerta de Lobo to enjoy the haute cuisine of its restaurant and its award-winning wines in a luxurious country setting, or visit Tierra de Alonso, with a family atmosphere, rustic, elegant and full flavor; However, an option that you should not stop considering is to enjoy Hacienda Atongo, with an exceptional colonial architecture and a perfectly balanced environment between the rustic and the elegant, which will make your memory fly and your taste for the beautiful things that have left the past and history.



Of course, most grandparents know how to enjoy traditions, and one of the characteristics of the Querétaro Wine Region is its proximity to three charming Pueblos Mágicos: Bernal, Tequisquiapan and Cadereyta.

The central squares of these three towns in the semi-desert of Queretaro are perfect for a slow walk that is pleasing to the eye, with peaceful gardens, large shadows to enjoy a snowfall or spending time in these provincial settings that will fill you with memories of your childhood. and youth, without forgetting that their eye and patience for details will make them enjoy the different crafts that are produced in these Magical Towns, from the exceptional stick and wicker figures from Tequisquiapan, to the wool garments in Bernal and the saddlery of Cadereyta.

Although a little more distant, the Magic Town of Amealco will also be a place that grandparents will love, especially if they are one of those who adore traditional environments and small-town life, as the gardens of the main square and the parish of Santa María Amealco have a special beauty that you will undoubtedly appreciate breathing the fresh and pure air of the Amealco climate; also, something as traditional as mole, and, in this case, the typical one from Amealco, will be something that will fascinate you.



The Sierra Gorda also has something special for them. Many think of Puente de Dios, Mirador de Cuatro Palos or the lush forests that surround the Chuveje Waterfall, in search of extraordinary photos to fill their Instagram or their favorite social network, but grandparents are the ones who will most appreciate the majesty of the five Franciscan Missions of the Sierra Gorda.

The love for culture and traditions that is usually present in our old people will make them appreciate with greater patience and contemplation the incredible facades, full of details and symbolic value, in rural settings that they will appreciate like no other person.
To this can be added that they will love the seasoning of the Ruta del Sabor and the various roadside restaurants that make it up, which, more than one of our old people will remind their own grandparents with that aroma of firewood and unmatched flavor.



We are sure that many grandmothers will thank you for taking them to visit the Soriano Basilica in the municipality of Colón, because of the religious importance of its virgin, and, if they like that –and they don't know the city of Querétaro-, they will find majestic temples in the capital that will fascinate you, such as the altarpieces found in Santa Clara or Santa Rosa de Viterbo, without neglecting the ancient temples of El Pueblito, a modern and very traditional town in the Queretaro metropolis.

Querétaro is also a place for our old people, but also for those young grandparents who still enjoy some adventure, but for them you will surely know where to take them. You can accompany them to do sport fishing in the Jalpan Dam, in Tzibanzá or in the San Pedro Dam, in Huimilpan, but also to enjoy a night in the field in the innumerable cabins found throughout the state: just look for the word 'cabins' on this website and you will find several options that you can choose according to your tastes and possibilities.

In Querétaro you can be grateful for the wise advice that you have been given throughout your life, with an exceptional walk in your day.

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