La Carambada, Chucho el Roto, and la Zacatecana are only a few of the featured legends. The best thing about these street plays is that you can visit the beautiful colonial mansions. They're unique!

Several companies offer these tours. We recommend the following:

Leyendas y Mitos de Querétaro
Duration: 1.5 hours. Meeting point: Mesón de Santa Rosa Hotel at Plaza de Armas every Thrusday, Friday and Saturday at 20:45. Reservations: (442) 212 4565 /

Noche de Leyenda
Meeting point: Casona de los Cinco Patios, Andador 5 de Mayo, every Friday and Saturday at 21:00. Guided by the Marquis  Zayas. Reservations: (442) 212 3995 / (442) 223 3233 /

Querétaro y sus leyendas
Duration: 1 hour and 20 minutes. Departure: Méson de Chucho el Roto at Plaza de Armas, Friday thru Sunday at  20:15. Reservations: (442) 212 8940 / (01 800) 536 7718.

Leyendas que cobran vida
Features La Corregidora, El Marqués de la Villa del Villar, La Llorona, La Zacatecana, and other famous legends. Reservations: (442) 222 5191.

Apariciones queretanas
Live the encounter with the mysterious characters that gave life to this city. Eight years back these intersantes routes full of terror and suspense. We have departures every day with function 8:00 pm and 9:15 pm. The weekends have an additional schedule at 10:15 pm. You can use them in instagram as Apariciones_queretanas and on twitter as Toma's Tour. The exit is on one side of the Regional Museum. Reservations to T. (442) 713 1120/140 9123 / C. (442) 137 4891.