If there is something in Tequisquiapan that is enjoyed in a special way, as in any other Magical Town of Querétaro, it is walking. Its cobbled streets, the flowers that overflow houses, planters and the arcades of its alleys, invite anyone to take the cell phone or camera and capture an ideal postcard for a pleasant memory.

Time swirls with the steps or in each corner, and allows you to almost smell the field and listen to the children when playing in the springs, the running of the water, the wooden wheels and the field smell of a past that, for many , it is not very distant, but when you blink you find the new colors and the sharpness that modern life brings with its details and lifestyle, and the best, without losing the aura of tranquility that is lived in Tequis.

Undoubtedly, the constant renewal of this Magic Town is due to the creativity of its inhabitants and those who chose this place to live, which is reflected in the incredible proposals you find in its gastronomy, lodging, crafts and places of interest, so We can recommend a pleasant itinerary to make Tequisquiapan a true artisanal experience.


A morning walk through the crafts.

Wherever you come from, take your time. You will stay tonight in Tequis. Light lunch; There is much to see. The Mercado de Artesanías (Handicraft Market), a couple of blocks from Miguel Hidalgo Square, is an excellent space to see and acquire the various works of local artisans, whether in copper, silver, wood, glass, wand, wicker and other materials that you will not be able to Stop admiring and buying to give away or decorate your own home, but patience is recommended, because in every corner of this Magic Town they are full of crafts, you can even visit some of the craftsmen's workshops and surprise yourself with the technique and dedication with which the craftsmen elaborate their works in wand and wicker, which have distinguished Tequisquiapan for decades. In the Casa del Artesano, a few meters from the portals of the square, you will find an advertising “totem” with the addresses of this route of crafts of Tequis, not to mention the variety of baskets, birdhouses, bags, lamps, paneras and many things based on traditional wicker working independent artisans of this Magic Town.


Artisans of the palate.

Creativity is not only seen in crafts, but also in gastronomy. An incomparable sample of this, you find it in Restaurante El Maravillas, a few steps from the central square, Miguel Hidalgo, but with a kitchen completely different from the businesses that surround is the Parish of Santa María de la Asunción.

‘El Maravillas’ is a tribute to Chef Alejandro Martínez’s grandfather, who makes this restaurant a special place in this Magic Town. Belonging to the association of Cooks Queretanos, Alejandro Martínez makes his kitchen an experimental concept based on the flavors and memories of his childhood, especially his grandparents. If there is something that distinguishes this restaurant, it is its varied menus and the constant interaction with its customers in search of comments that help build their dishes, which are inspired by their travels, knowledge and discoveries to propose novelties that, needless to say, are Delicious, a form of haute cuisine that becomes familiar. Be sure to try their artisanal bread and Caribbean toast, but you will love everything.


Souvenirs made by hand.

The afternoon gives you to browse. Just a couple of blocks away, you will find the I Love Mexico Museum, a unique project that will make you spend time without you noticing, taking you to times that you will have lived in your childhood or in family stories, to the Mexico of the century XX.

Tere Cisneros is the creator of this series of scenes of everyday life in Mexico of the twentieth century, of rural Mexico, the province of Mexico. Some of his pieces were made almost thirty-five years ago, but his patience and love for what he does continues to build this small world today, bringing together more than 800 characters from Mexican daily life.

Find yourself in the traditional Mexico of the tianguis, the bakeries, the mechanical workshops; in Mexico of traditional fairs, circuses, funerals, in that of communities; relive the childhood games in the courtyards, the tradition of the altar of the dead, the pastorelas, the parties of XV years and the serenades; life in spas or ranches and communities; spaces as traditional and everyday as the fondas and stands of chubby, such as the stalls of flags of September or the torterías, all under a healthy mood in the details of the scenes. This museum aims to instill the not-so-old traditions in young people and remind the not-so-old. As the name says, you're going to love this Mexico.


Tequis is rest.

And at the end of the afternoon the break is the cherry of the cake. Tequisquiapan is distinguished because it is a resting destination, which infects its provincial calm, which closes with the ideal lodging.

If you are looking for an elegant place, where the priority is a full dream. Hotel La Granja, a renovation of the first hotel built in Tequisquiapan, almost 100 years ago, offers you that option, with comfortable, intimate rooms, which invite you to disconnect even from the place itself, even if you have a drink at its bar, or dinner intimate in its restaurant, there you will rest fully.

For those who enjoy continuing to enjoy the aura of Tequis, Hotel La Plaza, next to the Parish of Santa María de la Asunción, is the best. On its restaurant terrace you can have the best view of the center of this wonderful Magic Town. The prices of its rooms and restaurant are incomparably accessible for a place with its location. Here is to continue your walk, because inside is walking between flowery corridors, fountains and the particular air of life in the province, family and romantic in turn.

However, there are those who prefer a different concept and live the traditional from a modern, cosmopolitan point of view. For them, La Casa del Artiste will meet their expectations. This concept of hotel - museum - spa, will give you some energy to extend the night a little if you are an art lover, since its rooms are tributes to the most iconic figures of modern art to which the genius of Da Vinci and Van Gogh, but you can choose between Picasso, Dalí, Tamayo and Frida Kahlo or Andy Warhol. As it is commonly said, "everyone their taste."


Other notable places to spend the night in Tequisquiapan cannot be left unmentioned, such as the Matian Hotel Boutique, just a few blocks from the center of the Magic Town, which surprises with a modern design where the rustic adapts to a concept of elegance and unparalleled space in the surroundings. You do not want to leave the room, but the terrace or the pool or its bar restaurant service will force you to go out and enjoy this splendid place.

Villa Antigua, instead, offers you the possibility of always finding available rooms in its large complex consisting of 60 rooms with fine finishes and a presidential suite that you will not find in the entire center of the country. We assure you that staying here is to be inside a great mansion with all the comforts and quality service that they can give you.

In contrast, in the surroundings of the municipal seat, Hacienda Real La Nogalera is a completely rustic space, with finishes and details within its 17 different rooms that will transport you to the 19th century treasury life, but with the necessary touch and comforts for our time, with excellent cuisine in its traditional restaurant, spa service, swimming pool and canteen so that you forget about the routine and unleash your rest.

Finally, you cannot forget Hotel Real de San José, a couple of minutes from the center of Tequisquiapan, where the concept of hotel cabins and set of pools form an ideal balance between rest and family fun, a place that your children will love.

All hotels have all the services, including swimming pool, wireless internet, privileged locations, coffee maker and, above all, great comfort.


Special moments
For a round experience that makes you live Tequisquiapan, the celebration of special moments also takes place in a room in Alma de Agua, a completely environmentally friendly space that brings together all the distinctive elements of this Magical Town to give it the perfect setting to that memorable day. Its manicured gardens, vines and artificial lagoons compose the exceptional design of this event room, equipped with a spacious living room kitchen, dressing rooms and everything you need for that unique occasion.

And what better way to make an unforgettable moment than a Balloon Flight that takes you to contemplate the majesty of the Tequesquipense landscape from above with that special person. Today, hot air balloon rides are a unique tourist attraction in Querétaro, and Tequisquiapan has them to make your visit truly unforgettable.


For the return.

What better souvenir of this traditional place than a cheese or a craft beer. La Biquette is a unique cheese factory for its production of goat cheeses without preservatives. The taste, care and feeding of herds, the preparation of their products and their particular Franco-Mexican style, has no comparison in the state. We invite you to stop and buy some of their cheeses, whether fresh or ripe, you will not regret trying them.

Finally, also on the side of the road, you can taste a completely Tequesquipense craft beer, Ópalo Beer. From their dark beer or their clear lager to the mead, they are of excellent flavor, worthy of getting ready, stretching your legs and taking a few minutes to close a great weekend in a true Magic Town of Queretano.

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