The month of February has reached its final stretch and with it begins a series of more important events that will take place throughout the year. We have already shared events like the 5th. Feast of the Kites in Tequisquiapan and the Fiesta Grande de la Virgen del Pueblito, in Corregidora; and now it's the 11th turn. Edition of the 100 Mexican Wines Festival and three unmissable places less than an hour from the city of Querétaro.


100 Mexican Wines

Of this festival, there is little to say, but much to prove. Eleven consecutive years are easy to say. This event will take place in one of the most prestigious and longevity vineyards in the Querétaro Wine Region, La Redonda Vineyards, known for the great festivals it organizes each year, among which is the 100 Mexican Wines Festival, which in this 2020 reaches its 11th. Edition as the most important wine meeting in our country. Here the main labels and wines of the main wine areas of Mexico meet, such as Aguascalientes, Baja California, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Guanajuato, Jalisco, Nuevo León, Puebla, Sonora, Zacatecas and, of course, Querétaro, one of the most important . For this occasion, a Cheese Market will open to promote the dairy industry as an ideal wine pairing. If you are WineLover, you simply cannot miss it.


1st Anniversary of the Cerrito Site Museum

On February 14 of last year, this site was inaugurated within the framework of the 80 years of the National Institute of Anthropology and History, a unit that has carried out the investigations of the Archaeological Zone of El Cerrito, the most important and visited in the Queretaro state. Do not miss the opportunity to visit this Site Museum, located under the monumental Pyramid of the Great Cué and the pre-Hispanic squares that surround it, and learn about the cultures that gave origin and importance to this ancient pre-Hispanic ceremonial center, which, even in Today, it attracts thousands of visitors every year, mainly to celebrate the spring equinox, which is already nearby.


Nativity Scene Museum

Although the December holidays were left behind with 2019, in San Juan del Río there is a place where you can enjoy a Christmas tradition throughout the year: the Nativity Scene Museum. This enclosure, the only one of its kind in Mexico, gathers more than 2000 pieces in about 800 nativity scenes that Mrs. Pilar Barona Sobrino gathered and produced for 25 years. On this site you can enjoy, not only a brief show that takes you through the main biblical passages to the life of Christ, but you will be amazed by the hundreds of creative ways in which Mrs. Barona represented the nativity scenes made with the most exotic materials , and the collection he gathered with pieces from almost 100 countries he visited in life. From Peru to Israel, from Russian pieces to African pieces, the collection will never bore you. The facilities and the museography are top-notch, in addition to having interactive games to learn about the Christmas tradition, as well as an ideal accessibility system for people in wheelchairs, which makes it a museum of unmatched quality.


Botanical Gardens in Cadereyta

Something that distinguishes the municipality of Cadereyta, are its exceptional landscapes characteristic of the semi desert Queretano. Therefore, it is the ideal place to show the public the incredible nature of the semi-desert, largely represented by cacti and succulent plants, which made its way through the particular climatic conditions of this region. The Regional Botanical Garden, in charge of the State Science and Technology Council of Querétaro (CONCYTEQ), is undoubtedly a refuge dedicated to the conservation of the various vegetation species that exist in Querétaro. Visiting it is a didactic walk in which you learn, in an entertaining way, everything you need to know about the species of plants and trees that define the different regions of the state, with well-defined areas that will allow you to know a little botany without getting bored. For its part, Greenhouses Fernando Schmoll is a space created 100 years ago by a painter of German origin, who gave the name to this spectacular site of conservation of cacti and succulents, the result of his fascination with these plants that he gathered in his travels for Asia and Africa, which, added to the Mexican species, make their oldest room an amazing place.

Prehispanic spiral stone figure of the archaeological zone of El Pueblito