Although it may sound incredible to some, the Birth Museum is a place truly worth seeing; And, on this occasion, we would like to talk to you about the valuable reasons to go to San Juan del Río to visit this fascinating site.

If you have wondered why go to a museum ?, you may not even be reading this, but if your question is to go to a museum where I will see what my grandmother or my aunt puts at home every Christmas? You'll be surprised.


This space is not for history or for art as we normally imagine; This is a place of heart and creativity that make it unique.
From your entrance, the atmosphere is cozy and harmonious with the theme of the Museum, some of the essence of Christmas is stored every corner beyond the Joses and Marias watching over the son of the newborn god, the three fundamental elements of everything Christmas manger.

We anticipate that under this whole project, sharing a message of love is a parallel purpose. You know it in the projection room and on the grounds of the museum, but that is not fascinating: the hundreds of creative ways to represent births is amazing.

Nativity scenes of PET bottles, corn husks, LEGOs; Births made with pills, sweets, keys, with peanut shells or inside the shell of a nut, the materials and proportions are innumerable, without neglecting the traditional pieces made of wood, mud or porcelain, with the difference of have been acquired in various parts of Mexico and other countries, product of the trips made by Mrs. Pilar Barona de Beltrán, creator of this vast collection, over 25 years.

With a space accessible to all audiences and a first-rate museography, the Birth Museum has interactive spaces where children and adults can learn about Christmas history and tradition in a fun way, which, added to this collection of 800 nativity scenes, With more than 2,000 pieces and a great mechanized birth that takes you through the most important passages of the Bible, they make it a place worth seeing.


Find it in: Benito Juárez West Street 183b, San Juan del Río, Qro. Ph. 427 235 0001

little nativity scene made of lego pieces