This 2020 comes with the promise of giving better experiences to the palate, body and mind: fairs and festivals are prepared to receive more people with better proposals, capture your attention and make you share your desire to return to Querétaro to put you on good.
For January, the holiday return is gradual. Querétaro continues to illuminate until day 12, so you can still enjoy the Christmas atmosphere and gradually integrate the new that this new year brings you. Take your children to the ice rink and take advantage of the ideal weather to drink something hot during these nights in the Historic Center.
If you did not have the opportunity to travel in December, Querétaro has an excellent variety of cabins in the middle of nature to meditate on your 2019 achievements and the purposes you have proposed for this year. From Jalpan and Pinal de Amoles, to Huimilpan and Amealco, the options will enchant you, with an affordable price and no more than 3 hours from the city of Querétaro.

February starts with chocolate flavor. On Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 you can attend a chocolate, coffee and mezcal tasting at the Artisanal Festival of Chocolate, Coffee and More ... where you can find more than 80 entrepreneurs, from 14 cities, who dedicate their efforts to the elaboration and commercialization of artisan products to promote the consumption of these exquisite Mexican products in one place.
In case that was not enough, the following weekend, February 8 and 9, the 4th. #Mexicacao edition again promotes the culture of cocoa and chocolate consumption in Mexico, with exhibitors from Querétaro, Mexico City, Chiapas, Veracruz, Guerrero, Jalisco, Michoacán, Nayarit, Oaxaca, Puebla, Tabasco and Yucatán, so that know different styles and presentations of this seed that began to be cultivated in our country for centuries ... traditional drinks such as téjate, pozol, chilate, cocoa foam, cocoa atoles and canyon water; chocolates in bar and chocolates with typical and exotic fillings; truffles with cocoa, corn or amaranth; artisanal table and refined chocolates; fresh cocoa pods, raw or roasted beans; cocoa butter or praline cacao; Grinders and metates are just something you can find that weekend at the Museum of Sacred Art.

Live the Traditions
During the second month of each year, El Pueblito, the municipal seat of Corregidora, prepares the most important celebration for its inhabitants: the Fiesta Grande dedicated to the Virgen del Pueblito, which this year celebrates 284 years of celebrating the last and main residence of this important religious icon of Querétaro.
On February 16, the streets of El Pueblito will be filled with joy, band music, nerves, and the expectation of seeing the exit of the Paseo del Buey, taken between the main streets of El Pueblito, with the horns tied to avoid damage , the loin and neck adorned with flowers, fruits and crucifixes that dress it in a special way, as a special sacrifice will be serving as a rich meal for all parishioners the next day, when everyone can approach to enjoy a delicious broth and meat of the cattle, as a preamble to a week of religious celebrations.

Kite Festival
For the fifth year, the International Festival of Kites is organized in Tequisquiapan, a spectacular event that fills the sky with colors and figures, while on land you can learn how to make your kite, enjoy excellent music, shows for the little ones and delicious food and drinks, where you can not miss the exquisite wines and cheeses queretanos.
Two weekends, one dedicated to love (February 15 and 16) and another with the largest kites in Mexico and megapapalotes in Colombia (February 22 and 23). The appointment is in Cava de Quesos Bocanegra from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Love month
Of course, February is a great invitation to continue falling in love with your partner in the various restaurants, hotels, vineyards and wonderful natural sites throughout the state that frame unforgettable moments. If you want to get into all the romance that you can find in Querétaro, enter on this page the section of 'Marry in Querétaro' and visit our official wedding tourism profiles on Facebook ( and Instagram ( under the name of 'Yes in Querétaro'. Here you will find the best content and useful recommendations for this month of February in our state.

The Metropolitan Theater of Querétaro will receive concerts by great artists, national and international, for this beginning of the year. The German band Haggard, will delight all rockers with their mix of classical music, metal rock and medieval style this Tuesday, January 21. In addition, on February 13, the Mexican group Matute will bring its repertoire of great successes to make you return more than a couple of decades to sing with them. Finally, the talented Julieta Venegas will delight you with her songs.

kites in the sky