An always fresh village

San Joaquin’s charm grows with its height. The weather is cold and humid. The ancient constructions and parietal art, witnesses of the life of old settlers, art also add to it.

It offers tourists many outdoor activities. For instance, you can visit Campo Alegre National Park, a wooded area to enjoy a day out or camping. The place is equipped with palapas, showers, electric lighting and barbecue grills.


The archeological zone of Ranas is located 3 km away from the Municipal Seat on the top of two hills. It was once occupied by the chichimecas and considered an important ceremonial center with political and economic control. While being there, you can also visit the cave paintings of El Durazno, Los Azogues and San Francisco Gatos.

The Herrera Grottoes is a must visit. It is a great example of nature’s majesty. Inside you can admire the formations of stalactites and stalagmites of over 100 million years old. At the Municipal Seat, you can explore la Piedra Redonda, el Mirador de la Cruz and the Tree of the Foundation.




Palacio Municipal s/n, Col. Centro. San Joaquín, Qro.

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T. (441) 2935319