Only a rodeo lover knows how to live the experience of attending an event organized by Cuernos Chuecos. The excitement and nervousness that floods the arena where one of the most important events for this activity takes place, makes it become a real party.

Remember how it was the last time you attended Cuernos Chuecos. In the distance you saw all the riders arrive, some walked the place planning each of their movements. You were part of the fans who were anxiously awaiting the performance of their favorite rider, and when the start time finally arrived, you put on your hat and watched the first participant who came out cheerfully without taking his eyes off the bull. It is then that he climbed the box and got on the animal, and although the bull used all his strength to pull him from his back, he complied with the rule of staying there for eight seconds and was victorious full of adrenaline. Between the dirt, the applause and shouts you celebrated that the rider managed to dominate the strength of the bull and once again the emotion of the spectators who waited for the score to then observe the following participants sounded with a roar.

Did you get excited with the memory? Then it's time for you to prepare your outfit to relive this moment on November 10 and 11. Our Plaza de Toros Santa María expects you to be part of this rodeo party.

If you are going for the first time, take your cowboy spirit to enjoy the show of lights and fireworks, shout with the audience, follow the rhythm of the music and feel the nerves and the uncertainty of knowing if the rider will master each of his movements .

What do you say? See you in Cuernos Chuecos?

final of cuernos chuecos bulls rodeo in Queretaro